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McGregor vs Mayweather: who will win the superfight?

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At this point, there are very few people who haven't heard about the nearly $200 million superfight on August 26, 2017 between boxing's Floyd Mayweather and the UFC's Conor McGregor. The showdown will be a boxing match, which is a clear advantage to Mayweather, but the fighting style of his younger opponent McGregor takes enough cues from boxing to put up a serious challenge. The fight will consist of 12 three minute rounds with the fighters wearing 10oz boxing gloves (heavier than both the 8oz standard for boxing and the 4-6oz for UFC [though Floyd has recently said that he will fight in 8oz or any size McGregor wants]).  

Conor McGregor   V Floyd Mayweather
29   Age 40
5'9''   Height 5'8''
154 lbs.   Weight 151 lbs.
74''   Reach 72''
21/3 MMA   Record 49/0 Boxing
18   KO's 26
Ireland   Born United States

Proposal A: ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather is a piece of shit. So is A-Rod: no one cared until the Yankees sucked. In sports, only success matters. On the 26th of August 2017, “It’s Time!” Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will lose. But why should we be surprised that Money Mayweather would sacrifice his mint condition 49-0 record for a loss to the Notorious Conor McGregor. How does the saying go? “You miss 100% of the tax bills you don’t pay”…or something like that.

Floyd was a genius. His speed and defensive style allowed him to stretch his success, winning as the most skilled technical boxer in bouts that were more often than not decided by judges. A wise strategy, since old man Mayweather had long ago lost KO power: he last managed one in 1999 when the Pride of Ireland was a week shy of eleven years of age. That is glazing over the joke that was the Ortiz KO, an event that revealed the decline of boxing that had occurred namely because of Mayweather and his handpicked “super matches”: Pacquaio should have happened five years earlier. But like his fighting style, Floyd could afford to wait: draw out negotiations to the final round, and beat a one-armed bum.

Today, Floyd has two problems that have removed delaying from his arsenal. In boxing terms, he is old as fuck. Tyson fought (and lost) his last worthwhile match (Lennox Lewis) at 36 (like Floyd v. Manny, this should have happened when the boxers were in their prime).  At forty, Floyd’s speed has declined; only now, it will show when he fights a younger, skilled, fast opponent.

Second, he has a bill.  A huge bill owed to the IRS of former WWE star Donald J Trump.  Couldn’t afford to pay, couldn’t afford to wait another day.  Amazing! Fight fans didn’t have to (again) suffer years of negotiations for a fight that, when it finally took place, no one gave a shit about. Therein lies the problem for Floyd.  McGregor is not coming out of retirement and has been preparing for this fight since he TKO’d Eddie Alvarez last November. Old man Floyd has little time to play catch up to a twenty-nine year old with speed and KO power.

That is why Mayweather will lose. Why will Conor win? His recent success. His speed: striking, blocking and dodges. His ability to take a punch: he’s never been KO’d and with Floyd’s decline and the heavier gloves, this really is a non-issue.

The Alvarez fight is most telling for the number of times McGregor put him on the mat. But the problem for Pretty Boy: boxing’s TKO. Everyone thinks McGregor’s only hope is to slip a punch by the greatest defender and land that KO, but he doesn’t have to. Conor only has to knock Floyd on his ass (or even just his knee!) a few times, like he does with all his opponents.

Mystic Mac might be right (again): KO within four rounds.  But my money is on him because, even if he’s wrong, Money Mayweather’s ass will meet the mat enough times to stop the match.


This opinion is part of a larger debate and does not reflect the views of The Rumble as a whole.

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Proposal B: Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather may be a piece of shit. He’s literally been to jail for beating up the mother of his child. He is everything wrong with consumerist culture and shoves it down our throats. All of this means nothing the second he laces up the gloves, walks through the ropes and goes to work.

Saying this makes me cringe, but Floyd is a genius, an illiterate genius. He has made more money than all of us reading this debate combined by being a boring boxer that hasn’t had an exciting fight in practically a decade. The crazy thing about that: I’m still a fan. I was a fan the whole time watching Floyd mix theatrics with some of the most technical boxing the world had ever seen.

His biggest criticism has always been that he picked his fights and took the easy ones. For the most part this is true. He earned that right after beating the legend Oscar De La Hoya, which was his last fight that was remotely competitive. After that, he cruised. He cruised through fights with big names (with some notable exceptions and I’ll get to that) and enormous paydays.

Cotto: his next closest fight and a legitimate killer, but no match for Floyd.

Canelo: Floyd picked him off young, but unbelievably dangerous still.

Marquez: an easy win for Floyd, against the guy who for all intents and purposes ended the legacy of Pacman.

And Manny Pacquaio: he beat a one-armed old Manny, but in all fairness Manny took that fight and Floyd went to work.

The Pacquaio fight left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth and the subsequent fight against Berto, I didn’t even watch. I’m a fan of boxing, and even I didnt know who the fuck Berto was. I stuck with Floyd during his joke KO of Ortiz, I even laughed and enjoyed the highlight reel. Who remembers the fight with Robert the Ghost? Robert, the fucking Ghost! The two with Maidana, when one would have done just fine. I was glad he retired, I was ready to move on.

But now, in walks Conor.  I’ll be the first to say that I am a huge Conor fan. I’ve watched him from day one in the octagon and the ride was magical. He did things I didn’t believe were possible. He is a once in a lifetime athlete, but in 10oz gloves and a game of not getting hit while hitting your opponent Floyd is the best ever.

On August 26th, Conor will be swinging at air, getting pitter-patter jabbed and frustrated into oblivion. Conor is a counter-puncher that uses wild kicks to set up his ‘touch of death’ left hand. And boxing rules, no kicks equals no left. It will be long, drawn out, probably boring, and if you are a fan of technical boxing, it will be a beautiful clinic. I will tune in, pay my hundo, and hope to watch that Irishman shock the world again. But ladies and gentlemen, I hate to say it, Conor’s got no fookin’ chance.

This opinion is part of a larger debate and does not reflect the views of The Rumble as a whole.

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