What is the Rumble?

The Rumble is an independent news organization that provides honest analysis of the most pressing issues of the day by accepting the biases of modern journalism and testing them against each other to discover the truth.

What do we mean when we say ‘honest’? We do our best to provide a clear and accurate picture of the stories we cover. That means taking the time to get a story right rather than get it first.

But honesty also means that – from time to time – we will get it wrong. And that comes with the understanding that reporters do not have the final word on any issue. Our stories aim to spark a conversation and bring attention to issues that deserve a closer look.

What Makes Us Different?

With trust in the media at an all-time low, the Rumble understands that there is no such thing as unbiased reporting.

We stand by the traditional standards of investigative journalism and will continue to seek credible sources and concrete evidence to support our stories.

But we also believe that reporters hold their own worldviews which shape the way stories are told. These views offer a human perspective that is important to understanding the people and events that affect us.

The Rumble accepts these unique perspectives and does not attempt to filter them in the name of objectivity.

What to Expect?

It is important to us that we provide a platform where ideas that are conservative, liberal and everything in between can be openly discussed. Our stories aim to challenge the views of our reader’s and even the views of our staff. As a result, we will not back down from stories that make for uncomfortable conversation.

From time to time, the ideas of our writers will clash, we will disagree, and the office will get tense.

But from this battle of ideas we will bring you engaging debates (Rumbles) that offer our readers a chance to examine an issue from different perspectives and discover the truth for themselves.

We will bring our readers news and analysis through an article format which takes its time to get the facts straight and is designed to explore the biases of each story openly.

That means that you can expect a slower pace of reporting, but also an in depth look at the stories that matter to you.

We value the input of our readers and want to know what you are interested in. The stories that are important to you and the ideas you would like to share.

Welcome to The Rumble!